Transformational Food Systems of Tomorrow

Tel Aviv

13-14 November


Food tech and alternative proteins - call between Sweden, Israel and Switzerland within Eureka

Do you have an idea for a collaboration between actors in Sweden, Israel or Switzerland that can contribute to a sustainable and competitive food sector? In this offer, we finance company-driven projects in food tech with emphasis on alternative proteins. Alternative proteins refer to plant-based protein, fermentation-derived protein, and lab-grown protein.

Company-driven project in foodtech with an emphasis on alternative proteins and with potential to be scaled up to contribute to a sustainable and competitive food sector.

Companies and organizations in Sweden that collaborate with participating Eureka countries. At least two Swedish project partners, of which at least one is a small or medium-sized company.

How much?
Swedish participants can be granted a maximum of three million SEK per project. The projects can last up to three years. Vinnova can finance activities in Sweden that are conducted in collaboration with international project partners.

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