Driving Innovation Through Digital Partnerships at AstraZeneca

Mr. Guy Shauli, Director, Global Digital Partnerships @ AstraZeneca

Synopsis: AstraZeneca is a science led biopharmaceutical company focused on developing ground breaking medicine helping millions of patients around the world. In an era when the healthcare vertical is deeply transformed  by digital technologies in development, delivery and management of care, the company is relying more and more on external partnerships to realize the full potential of its medicine.

Federated AI for automotive energy consumption optimization

Mr. Shafiq Urréhman, Tech lead AI/ML @ CEVT

Synopsis: For connected and intelligent vehicles, it is important to take care of its energy resource(s). The ‘connectivity and smart’ experience must not be at the cost of safety and integrity of the vehicle/user and/or other road users. When it comes to energy consumption of a vehicle Human drivers see liters of fuel and kWh of energy consumed/regenerated and today’s vehicles (BEV, PHEV, etc.) often come with several ‘manual’ driving modes (Hybrid, Pure, AWD, Sport, etc.). These vehicles optimize ICE/e-Motor propulsion strategy based on destination in the navigation system. So far, it seems optimization is working out for minimal fuel consumption based on various constraints. One going project using AI indicates that AI policies could be designed to optimize the energy consumption which does not need human intervention. The question is: How we can use ‘Federated AI and learning’ to optimize the ‘safety ae well as integrity’ of the vehicle/user and/or other road users? This Challenge concerns investigation of (Federated) AI methods capable of preserving data integrity while giving maximal AI performance.

AI for industrial and healthcare applications at GE Research

Dr. Rafi Brada, AI Technology Manager @ GE Research

Synopsis: AI research at GE covers a wide range of industrial and medical applications. An overview of the types of AI technologies being developed and their applications across multiple domains will be presented. Topics include machine perception and computer vision for inspection, automation, and performance enhancements, as well as Digital twins for predictive maintenance and schedule optimization. We will also discuss how the Science of AI may help ensure robustness, trust and security in AI systems and algorithms.

AI and digital twins for optimized processes and predictive (prescriptive) maintenance

Mr. Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager @ SCA

Synopsis: For a paper or a pulp mill with a yearly capacity of several hundred thousand tons, optimizations and improvements of productivity and predictive maintenance can have a huge effect on the output. Ongoing projects using AI indicate that a digital twin can be used for surveillance, optimization and operator support. The digital twin can be seen as an exciting step towards an autonomous pulp/paper mill.

AI for sustainability and safety in construction and project development

Ms. Saara Bengtsson, Head of Digital Innovation @ Skanska

Synopsis: Skanska is one of the world's leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Projects are the core of Skanska and we are involved in about 10,000 projects around the world. The Skanska Purpose – to build for a better society – sets out the direction in which the Group is heading. Sustainability and safety are two of our focus areas where we believe Artificial Intelligence will be very important for future development, also together with external partners. In my presentation I will shortly introduce you to Skanska and explain a bit more about these areas.

Networked innovation at Taavura-Livnat Group

Mr. Dror Dotan, Head of Innovation @ Taavura-Livant group

Synopsis: As a leading holding group in Israel, Taavura-Livnat is constantly seeking for the most relevant and promising startups/technologies in order to support its ongoing challenges and needs. The group recently established its Innovation hub named Quantum Hub: a practical and business-driven platform for successful immersion & partnership of new technologies and core industries with a clear goal to support  the group's wide activities.


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