Enabling smart maintenance with high-quality labeled sensor data

Mr. Stefan Lagerkvist, CEO @ VikingAnalytics

Synopsis: One of the most critical enablers for smart manufacturing (i.e. predictive maintenance and optimization) is high quality sensor data that has been processed and labelled by a subject matter expert. You are "data ready" for smart manufacturing when you realize this enabler. Viking Analytics’ unique platform Multiviz can be used by subject matter experts to convert raw, real-time and historical sensor data to useful information. We also provide professional services to help you design your value adding, data driven solutions.

AI for Human Language

Dr. Kfir Bar, Chief Scientist @ Basis Technology, and
Ms. Lital Ravid, Senior Research Engineer @ Basis Technology

Synopsis: Basis Technology is building natural language processing (NLP) solutions for analyzing unstructured text written in different human languages. Basis Technology provides analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems, such as verifying identities, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime. Our NLP platform, called Rosette, employs a hybrid of classical machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data. For more information, visit

Deep Learning Optimization - from R&D to High-Performance, Cost and Energy Efficient AI-Powered Embedded Systems

Mr. Hans Salomonsson, CEO @ EmbeDL AB

Synopsis: EmbeDLis a Deep Learning Optimization technology that helps companies bring Deep Learning from R&D to embedded systems by advanced optimizations, resulting in high-performance, cost and energy efficient products and solutions. EmbeDLOptimization technology is HW aware and has proven algorithm improvements for various industry sectors e.g. Automotive, Robotics/Production, Health Care, AI Data Centers, Video analytic Industries.

Predict and Prevent Quality & Yield Losses

Mr, Liran Akavia, Co-founder and COO @ Seebo

Synopsis: Seebo is the Predictive Quality and Yield solution. Manufacturers with complex production processes use Seebo to predict and prevent quality, yield and waste losses. Seebo provides advanced Artificial Intelligence that your production teams can actually use and rapidly scale across multiple lines. Seebo’s pioneering Process-Based Artificial Intelligence models and solves the complexities of your manufacturing process - enabling continuous process mastership.

AI and Visual Inspection for optimized manufacturing processes

Mr. Lijo George, Partner & MD @ Amazing Innovation Sweden AB

Synopsis: In metal casting foundry, a key challenge exist concerning casting quality. Around 20% of the castings are rejected at various stages of manufacturing depending on the complexity of the design. Reasons range from sand quality, metal composition, pouring related defects, dimensional defects. Computer-vision based inspection using deep learning and video analytics, Models for optimization of processes can get around 10% increase in process yield which can reduce CO2 emission by 0.8 MtCO2/Annum and reduce GHG emissions. Large saving in electrical energy consumption and cost as well. Many  such use cases exist across smart manufacturing landscape to take advantage of.

Machine learning based control of power electronic devices

Mr. Johan Rådemar, Co-founder @ Eneryield

Synopsis: Eneryield is developing a control component, based on novel machine learning algorithms, that models the behaviour of systems. This could be used for power electronics devices, enabling real-time operation and continuous improvement. Eneryield strives towards a new generation of predictive power electronics for power grids and systems, with an improved accuracy and efficiency. The technology is applicable with different power electronic devices. For example, implementing Eneryield’s control in active power filters, will eliminate their response and reaction delay, implying increased energy efficiency, prolonged life length of hardware and decreased downtime.

Data driven gamification for improved training and lifelong learning

Mr. David Gillberg, Gamification designer & customer implementation engineer @ Insert Coin

Synopsis: Gwen is a science based SaaS for gamification in existing platforms and applications. It is currently used in several different contexts with at focus on learning in higher education and the production industry. A few of the current research projects focus on training of the industrial workforce and student behavior patterns related to expected outcome.

Quantification of business weather impact and decision-aid using machine learning

Mr. Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, Co-founder @ Greenlytics

Synopsis: Many businesses depend on weather in some way, either as a direct impact on the core business or from indirect reasons such as sales or supply chains. The Greenlytics Platform is an AI-as-a-Service tool that allows to quantify business impact from weather and thereby improve that decision-making process. The platform includes a unique weather database as well as state-of-the-art machine learning tools to process data and put models into production to deliver operational business value. 

Active printed light powering the worlds smartest garment

Ms. Victoria Bäcksin, Founder & PDM @ Light Flex Sweden AB

Synopsis: Light Flex sets a new world standard for the next generation of safety garments. We aim to change the way you think about visibility by providing a whole new category of safety technology where we combine and enrich traditional safety and leisure garments with printed active lights, connectivity and data collection. Our Mission is to save lives by providing technically smart, stylish wearable active light and positioning solutions to keep people safe. Our products contribute to a safer society by utilizing technology that actively prevents accidents, helps to detect critical situations and reduce the effects of an undesired event.


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