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SEPTEMBER 11-13, 2023


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Welcome Note

Niclas Jacobson, Deputy Director General, Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (5min)

Adam Rybo, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Sweden (5min)

Uzi Bar Sadeh, Europe Program Manager, Israeli Innovation Authority IIA (5min)

Digital Health in Israel – The Government Perspective

Assaf Parker, Head of Digital Health Technologies Department, Israeli Ministry of Health

Introduction to Innovation within the Health Care in Israel

Sharon Gour Arie, Global Partnership Manager, Start Up Nation Central


Introduction to Israeli-Swedish Innovation Collaboration

Joanna Boquist, Head of Vinnova Office in Tel Aviv

Next step: Experience the Vibrant Health Tech Ecosystem in Sweden, December 4-7

Invitation to Sweden to deepen the initiatl contacts and collaborations with key players in the health tech field. 

Maria Helling, CEO, Swecare

Networking Break
Invitation for Innovation Collaboration with Swedish Multinationals and Born Globals

Innovation Collaboration Opportunities with Astra Zeneca within Data Driven Care (10min)
Ohad Goldberg, Country Manager Astra Zeneca Israel

Bactiguard – about why prevention is better than cure (10 min)
Christian Kinch, Chairman and Founder, Bactiguard 

Bactiguard is a global medtech company with a purpose to prevent infections. We provide safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-use infection prevention technology and solutions across five therapeutic areas – orthopedics, urology, intravascular/critical care, dental, and wound care. Bactiguard’s unique technology is based on a thin noble metal coating that prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. Bactiguard’s solutions are biocompatible and make a positive impact by decreasing patient suffering, saving lives and healthcare resources. The solutions also fight antimicrobial resistance, one of the most serious threats to global health and modern medicine.

Innovation Collaboration Opportunities with Surgical Science (10min)
Inbal Mazor, EVP Product and Marketing Surgical Science

Surgical Science is a leading supplier of virtual reality simulators for medical training.  Our simulators are used by medical device manufacturers, medical training centres and institutes worldwide. We partner with the medical community to incorporate advanced simulation in validation and certification of students, surgeons, and medical care givers. In our vision, every patient undergoing a medical procedure will be certain that the care giver is trained and objectively certified in a simulated environment.

SmartCella - A world-leading biotech & medtech company pioneering the future of targeted therapies
Niklas Prager, CEO SmartCella

Synopsis: SmartCella is a world-leading biotech & medtech company pioneering the future of targeted therapies by combining first-in-class delivery platforms with cutting-edge cell and gene therapies. The company has three units: SmartWise with the FDA-approved Extroducer, an endovascular device that enables direct tissue or organ infusion to hard-to-reach organs and tumors. SmartCella Solutions creating novel mRNA therapies and platforms that enable cell-mediated delivery of protein and mRNA to specific regions, even within organs. Procella with advanced capabilities within stem cell therapy development and cGMP manufacturing inhouse. Procella collaborates with AstraZeneca on a globally licensed cardiac stem cell therapy to repair parts of the heart damaged from a heart attack and has a growing pipeline of stem cell therapies.

The New Era of Genetic Insight: AI Powered Prevention for All (10min)
Ying Cheng, CEO, Arkus AI

Every year, globally millions die prematurely due to the diseases with high hereditary risks. Many can be saved or live longer had they have genetic preventive care. Sadly, few have the access due to the bottleneck of lack of resources and tools. We (a few of AI nerds) created Arkus AI to solve the problems by innovating AI/ML in genetic risk assessment, preventive planning and genetic counselling.

Networking Lunch
Invitation for Innovation Collaboration with Israeli and Swedish HMO:s and Hospitals

Agile and Effective Innovation path at Leumit Health Services

Izhar Laufer, Director of Innovation and Digital Health, Leumit Health Services (10 min)

Leumit welcomes collaborations related to research and development in the fields of Digital Health, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics? We provide access to 20 years of diverse HMO clinical data, opportunities for clinical trial collaboration, design partnerships, and more. In the coming month, we will launch our Pay & Research initiative. Researchers can sign up, authenticate themselves, make an online payment of an affordable fee, and gain almost instant access to a Virtual Research Room containing synthetic clinical datasets for approximately 170,000 patients.

Crises in Healthcare – Accelerating Innovation for Future Health Care” & “Enable Life Science Research That Would Otherwise Not Be Possible

Anna Sahlström, Director National and International Affairs, Karolinska University Hospital

Synopsis: These two presentations will focus on: 1) Collaboration on innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future health care. 2) Life Science research areas that the SciLife Lab welcomes international innovation collaborations within.

The challenge of Data-driven hospital care

Gil Levy, Director of Medical Innovation, Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital (10min)

Assuta Medical Sandbox is an innovative research platform that allows researchers and companies remote access to real patients’ data, anonymized, through a virtual cloud base research room.  We invite collaboration with Med-Tech companies to test and validate their technology using our Plug and Test sandbox environment.

Advancing healthcare through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

Liat Nadai Arad, Chief Transformation Director, I-Medata, AI center, Sourasky Medical Center, Ichilov (10min)

The I-Medata AI Center is a leading hospital-based department dedicated to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Our center offers a holistic strategy for research, development, and implementation of AI-based tools and applications to address healthcare needs.  We aim to tackle the biggest challenges of public hospitals. With correct partnerships we believe we can make a true and critical impact.

Yuri Millo, Home Hospital Director, Meuhedet Health Services (10 min) 

Invitation for Innovation Collaboration with Israeli and Swedish Academia & Research Institutes

AI aiding medical decisions.

Noam Shomron, Professor & Principal Investigator Functional Genomics Laboratory, Tel Aviv University (10 min)

Identification of young adults at risk for type 2 diabetes

Gilad Twig, Head of population health research center, Gertner Institute of Epidemiology, Sheba Medical Center

To develop algorithms for the early detection of young adults at risk for type 2 diabetes and in particular, women with hyperglycemia in pregnancy. Avenues for collaborating may include working in parallel on a similar database elsewhere or assistance in AI performance.


New solutions for a sustainable future -Applied health technology @RISE

Sarah Thunberg, VP of the Business and Innovation Area Health and Life Science, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Amidst the evolving landscape of health challenges, crucial demands arise for technological advancements to push innovative approaches. Thus, health and wellbeing stand as a pivotal focus for RISE. Within this domain, our attention extends to encompass technical, digital, and pre-emptive solutions, all of which serve to bridge disparities and foster a sustainable, holistic state of health for all.

From Cells to Systems: Unravelling Patient Responses with Transcriptomics and Clinical Data

Dvir Aran, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biology & Faculty of Computer Science, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

My research focus is in two key areas: 1) Utilizing single-cell transcriptomics to decipher why some patients respond to immunotherapies while others don't, and 2) Applying causal inference and machine learning methodologies to electronic health records for improved patient care. I am seeking collaborators who have access to clinical data or clinical samples and could benefit from a partnership with a computational researcher to advance personalized medicine.

Leveraging tumor cell states for cancer treatment innovation

Michael Mints, Postdoc, Itay Tirosh lab, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science/Cellyrix (10 min)

Tumour heterogeneity is often perceived as a negative trait, contributing to treatment failures, relapse, and metastasis. Intriguingly, recent breakthroughs have revealed highly recurring heterogeneity patterns among individuals, closely tied to clinical outcomes. We established a novel platform for bridging our understanding of tumour heterogeneity with clinical applications. We are seeking partnerships with early-stage investors, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, and oncology researchers.

Integrating AI Solutions into clinical and administrative care processes

Erik Perjons, Associated Professor, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University (10min)

Today, AI solutions are mostly supporting individual functions in healthcare. In order to transform healthcare in large, AI also needs to be better integrated into clinical and administrative care processes, including inter-organizational ones. Strategies, methods and best practices are needed for such a transformation. External competences: Business/Care Process Improvement using AI, Process Mining, Developing AI-capable care organizations, Interoperability and AI, AI Solution Engineering etc.

Closing the Loop: Technion-Rambam Initiative for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - TERA

Joachim Behar, Director, Technion-Rambam Center for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (10 min)

The Technion-Rambam Initiative in Medical AI, “TERA” was launched in March 2022 as a joint-initiative between The Technion and Rambam Health Care Campus – combining clinical expertise, basic science, and engineering in fighting human disease using large medical datasets and state-of-the-art advances in AI. The mission of TERA is to initiate, support and promote academic research and educational activities between the two institutions and partners in the field of medical AI.


Networking Break
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Transport to Swedish Ambassador’s Reception at the Swedish Residence in Herzliyah
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